The Cost

Website Design Fee
Monthly Hosting & Care Plan
C$75/m or C$750/yr
(save 2 months with annual plan)

What’s Included

You get a complete website and a personal guide (that’s me!) who’ll show you how to use it, and all of the day-to-day maintenance and updates taken care of.

The details are below.

Website Design

  • One newly registered domain name
  • Fast, secure, mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized
  • One professional email (e.g. [email protected]) hosted on a different server with multiple aliases – if your site goes down, your email will still function
  • Your choice of any and/or all of an informational site, a gallery site, and an easy-to-use blog – up to 6 pages listed on your main menu. (Individual blog posts, privacy guidelines, terms and conditions, and other ancillary pages are not included in this limit.)
  • Credit card payment button with no other e-commerce elements (Stripe)
  • Opt-in lists for readers who want to stay updated on your new content
  • Anti-spam for blog comments
  • Privacy (Europe – GDPR; California – CCPA)
  • Privacy-friendly analytics (Koko)
  • No intentional integration with surveillance capitalism tech (data capture that monetize yours or other people’s information) unless requested

Monthly Hosting & Care Plan

  • Hosted at a high-speed & WordPress-focused company, in a hosting account managed exclusively for Bright Spark clients
  • Routed through a 3rd party Content Delivery Network (CDN) with servers around the world so your visitors access your site via the closest server possible (Cloudflare)
  • Constant monitoring of speed, performance and security
  • Timely updates on WordPress core files, theme and plugins
  • Automatic daily backups and additional secondary backups stored off-site
  • Ongoing backups of professional emails for at least 1 month
  • Monthly performance report delivered to your inbox
  • Small changes to the website on an ongoing, case-by-case basis
  • Technical assistance and training on how to use the website

How it Works

  • Look through my portfolio.
  • If you like what you see, contact me through one of the contact forms. Give me a rough idea of what you’re looking for.
  • We’ll communicate back and forth, either via Zoom calls or email, so I can get a fuller picture of your thoughts.
  • If we agree that I’ll create your website, then I will send you a contract. You’ll review the contract and together we will adjust it until you’re happy with the final version (there shouldn’t be any surprises in the contract, but sometimes small details might need adjustment).
  • Provided everything’s hunky-dory, we both sign off on the contract and you forward 50% of the Website Design Fee.
  • As I design your site, I can either walk you through the process a couple or few times per week, or I can give you access to the site so you can watch it grow and change.
  • Once the site is built and fully tested, and all minor changes have been made, it’s time to go live. Once the site goes live, the second half of the Website Design Fee is due, as well as the first Monthly Care Fee (your choice of an ongoing monthly payment, or an annual payment that includes 2 months free).
  • After the site is live, I will teach you how to use your site. This might include things like: uploading images (and where to find them), making blog posts, approving comments, and any other tasks specific to your site.
  • On an ongoing basis, I’ll be updating your site to make sure it runs smoothly and I’ll be available to show you how to run your site as needed. Also, I’ll be happy to make minor changes. (Larger changes – like a new page or feature – will require a new contract.)

Optional Features

There is a vast garden of possibilities when it comes to website features, and the complexity and cost of each feature can vary greatly. Here are some basic pricing guidelines:

  • An e-commerce package that includes a cart, checkout, payment options, and customized shipping rates starts at $500. Price will depend on the number of products you’d like listed and how the listings are structured. The basic package includes a catalog page with links to individual item pages, styled to your taste.
  • Other features could include membership services, appointment scheduling, or landing pages with sign-ups that lead to (gated) free content. If you can think of a feature you’d like, chances are it’s possible. It may take a bit of research to find the optimal solution, and the price will range from $100-$500 per feature.