Free YOUR Bright Spark!

NB: Bright Spark Websites is currently not accepting new clients.

You could design and build your website if you had the time and energy. Or maybe the thought of learning all of the ins and outs of making your own site makes you want to run screaming for the hills.

I can help.


Together, we will create a platform that reflects who you are. I will collaborate with you to find just the right mix of functionality and your personality to make a website that is truly yours – this might take a bit more time than working with other website designers, but I think you’ll love the end result. What do I mean by collaborating? Well, I want you to be thrilled with the final product, and the only way that can happen is if you tell me when there’s anything you don’t love so I can try something else. You won’t hurt my ego.

Your Own Dedicated Designer

I’m used to working on projects that require looking at the big picture and zooming in on the details at the same time, and I’m happy to make changes that make something better. If the changes work, great, and if they don’t, I’ll change them back or try something different.

When the website’s finished, I’ll still be here. I will teach you everything you may need to know to run your website effectively, like creating blog posts. I’ll take care of all the technical aspects, like plugin updates, backups and security.

Like learning how to ride a bike, I’ll help you and won’t let go until you’re ready. Once you can ride on your own, I’ll still be here, cheering you on and available for help should you need it.

It’s Time

Bright Spark exists because helping you put your talent out there is my way of making a positive change. The more people I serve, the more ripples of change I create. Please take a look through my portfolio and the website package details (Pricing). If you’re ready to move forward then use one of the contact forms to get in touch. This could be the start of something beautiful.

Cheers for now. Stuart.