I had toyed with the idea with a website for years, but, being so technically challenged that I have only just learnt how to take photos with my phone, the thought of managing one let alone setting one up filled me with terror, but last year all that changed. Enter my saviour, aka Stuart Hollett of Bright Spark, who has designed me the most beautiful, seductive website. His ability to foresee what I wanted was almost uncanny and the result is amazing.

There is also an added bonus. Stuart not only manages the website, but is also there to guide, help and totally untangle me when I need it. His patience is endless as he yet again rescues me and he is a pleasure to work with.
I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Stuart.

Suzi Samuel
The Unintentional Medium

The Unintentional Medium

All of the features found on this website are included in the website package:

  • Blog and all customized blog-related opt-in forms (with a 2-step confirmation email) and pages (Welcome Page, Unsubscribe Page, Blog Archives)
  • Contact forms
  • PayPal button (but no cart or other e-commerce features)
  • Optimized for mobile screens
  • Comment sections for blog posts that are spam-protected
Sarah Monaghan

I really didn’t know what I wanted my website to look like but that didn’t matter. Stuart took some elements of my old website including photos and written content and turned it into something gorgeous. It never occurred to me that I could have a page that allows people to pick an Oracle Card for themselves!

He had lots of great ideas and input but checked in with me every step of the way to make sure I was happy. If something didn’t feel or look quite right to me, we would brainstorm how to make it better and I never felt any sense of annoyance or frustration from him around making those changes. It was very important to him that I love my website and I do! Thank you Stuart.

Sarah Monaghan
Soulward Bound

Soulward Bound

This website has some customizations that are not included in the website package:

  • Full e-commerce package – cart and checkout, payment options, fully customized product pages, customized shipping rates (in this case, for three different locations). This feature is an additional CAD $500.
  • Oracle Card selection, in which the visitor clicks on a card to reveal its image and/or message. This feature is an additional CAD$100.